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April 15, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Mark Robinson

Location Houston, TX USA

Veritas is the best. Period. The information is presented in a way that allows students to ABSORB what they learn, not just memorize it. My instructor, Mark, was the best there is. He brokoe down the test in a way that helped me understand what every problem is asking. Veritas shows you that the test is based on information you already know. Veritas teaches you to leverage that knowledge on every problem. It took the anxiety out of it and helped me build confidence going into test day. I would recommend Veritas to anyone out there looking for the best GMAT Prep course. If you're wondering where to start, start with Veritas.

November 09, 2014

I have a query.I got 44 in quant and 22 in verbal.My score is pretty low 550 and it is showing that I got only 56 percentile in quant.
Would you please tell me what is a good quant and verbal score?I had 2 weeks of preparation and I took the test as I am running out of time.
P:S:I don't know if this incidence might affected my performance or not but I faced several software glitches during the exam.The invigilator resumed the exam(no time was lost) but I wasn't allowed to take any breaks as they told me those who are clicking the break option are getting affected by several software issues and other participants who took break in between the sections were not able to complete the GMAT exam.They were scheduled for afternoon session but I don't know what happened next.It was a tormenting experience.
Should I file a complain in about how this particular center poorly handled an important exam?

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