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May 17, 2019

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Great option for those preparing for GMAT


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Course Experts' Global Complete GMAT Prep Online

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My preparation for GMAT lasted really long and I wish I learnt about Experts Global earlier. I was using their test series when I learnt about their full program and knowing about the quality of their work through the mock tests, I knew that I have to opt for their complete program.

I paid the full price as there was no promotion then but I don't regret it at all. The course is simply the best for GMAT, among all options. The videos are the base of everything and they have done a great job at keeping the videos really crisp but highly informative. The exercises are great and every question is on the GMAT's interface followed by some fine insight through analysis and numbers about how you performed.

The option of sticky notes and flags are handy helps and a special word for their online platform- it is really comprehensive but very easy to navigate and to keep a tab on one's progress and performance.

The AI bit keeps telling you the weak areas as per your recent performance and this really helps you in knowing that which topics as well as type of questions need more attention. It's good to see when weak topics or question types change, it meant that I had overcome an earlier weakness and now needed to overcome the next weakness.

Great option for those preparing for GMAT.

Still, I will see that you must take free trial of all main courses and see that whose style suits the best to you. For me, Experts Global was a long way ahead of other options.


May 20, 2019

Hello Ankit,

We have built this platform with a lot of passion and it is so good to see students benefitting from it.

All the best! :-)

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