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April 18, 2020

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Course Crackverbal GMAT Verbal Course

Instructor Arun Jagannathan

Location Online

I started with the CrackVerbal GMAT verbal course video lectures and was very impressed with the way Arun Sir delivered the concepts in a very simple yet powerful manner. I started with SC and followed all the guidelines Arun Sir gave. It actually became very easy for me to reach the right answer. The most useful advice from Arun sir that worked well for me: “GMAT is a Test of ELIMINATION”. Surely it helps a lot to reach the answer by eliminating the wrong ones rather than by searching for the right one.

Crackverbal has kept the course very concise and crisp. I completed all its video lectures in less than 1 month. By the end of the course, I was more confident than before and I started practicing official questions.

As no surprise, my overall GMAT score jumped from 680 to 720 after completing the Craclverbal course and following its guidelines.

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