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The world's best GMAT instructors

Since its founding in 2002, Veritas Prep has worked with more than 100,000 students in more than 90 location around the world.

Today Veritas Prep is the world's largest privately-owned GMAT prep and admissions consulting provider with all instructors scored in the 99th percentile on the official exam.

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Did You Know That Veritas Prep:

Has classes in 90+ cities worldwide

Hires 99th percentile instructors

Provides a money back guarantee

Allows for unlimited assistance with comprehensive school packages

Has admissions consultants from all of the top 25 business schools

Gives you the opportunity to retake your class for free for any reason--no strings attached

Has worked with more than 100,000 students since 2002

Now offers their On-Demand course in an app for iPhone & iPad where you can get instruction on the go. Find 15 study modules available in the

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Veritas Prep GMAT Courses

Key features of Veritas Prep's GMAT courses

A Proven GMAT Prep Curriculum

Veritas Prep has completely deconstructed the GMAT and developed a method for effectively tackling each part of the exam. We update our curriculum multiple times per year, retiring questions and refreshing lessons as often as necessary to ensure that our curriculum teaches exactly what the GMAT tests today – not what it tested last year.

The Industry's Most Dynamic Instructors

A great GMAT curriculum isn't effective if it’s not taught by a terrific instructor. To even be considered for hire, an instructor must have scored in the 99th percentile on an actual GMAT (not a practice test). Once hired, all instructors must complete more than 100 hours of training and serve as apprentice instructors before earning the right to stand in front of a Veritas Prep GMAT class.

Guaranteed Results

For you to be eligible for our money-back score improvement guarantee, Veritas Prep doesn’t require you to prove that you have attended every class, completed every homework assignment, or taken every practice test. In fact we’re the only major test prep company that doesn’t require you to jump through these hoops. Read the fine print carefully before enrolling in another company’s course.

Free Veritas Prep Resources:

Veritas Prep’s MBA admissions consulting services

The Industry’s Largest Team of Admissions Consultants

Veritas Prep has assembled the largest team of MBA admissions consultants in the industry. Every Veritas Prep Head Consultant has formerly served as an admissions representative at a top MBA program – as an admissions officer, as an application reader, or as an interviewer. They will demystify the murky admissions process, offering proven techniques to help you gain admission to your schools of choice. Using information gathered in the first consultation, Veritas Prep will design a step-by-step MBA Game Plan tailored to fit your individual needs. The result is an application that is true to who you are and that stands out in admissions officers’ eyes

Included with every Veritas Prep Course

MBA Admissions Workshop:

Every Veritas Prep student is invited to attend a live online MBA admissions workshop hosted by one of Veritas Prep’s expert admissions consultants. Find out the 3 ways admissions officers will evaluate your MBA application and the 4 Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant and how to express them in your application.

Personalized MBA Game Plan:

Identify your unique areas of strength specifically tailored to MBA applications using our exclusive Personalized MBA Game Plan co-authored with the publishers of the Myers-BriggsВ® personality tests.

Custom Profile Evaluation:

Submit the details of your academic, professional, and extracurricular background and receive a Custom Profile Evaluation.

$300 off any Comprehensive Admissions Consulting Package:

Veritas Prep GMAT students receive $300 off any Comprehensive School Package.

Veritas Prep success stories from GMATClubbers

GMAT Score 700 (Q47, V39) Aj12

I paid for 28 hours of online tutoring with Veritas. I was assigned David Newland as my instructor. It was the best money i could have spent.

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GMAT Score 700 (Q45, V40) Felipe_Ucros

This would not have been nearly close to possible without the work with great resources that Veritas provides.

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GMAT Prep airspeedguy

Each lesson was recorded so i could watch the lesson over again to further solidify my understanding of the topics covered. In less than 19 days i was able to raise my score by 100 points.

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Veritas Prep
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