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Amerasia Consulting Group Discount exclusively through GMAT Club!

Amerasia Consulting Group Your Total Savings 10%

10%discount from Amerasia Register using GMAT Club Forum as a Lead Source to save 10% on the Amerasia Consulting Group. Upon initial inquiry of admissions consulting services on the phone or online, please indicate that you have been referred by GMAT Club. Amerasia Package Includes: A customized, one-on-one, boutique consulting experience, and a Round 3 Guarantee

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Amerasia Consulting Group
Discount exclusively through
GMAT Club!

  • The Amerasia Consulting Group provides a boutique admissions consulting experience.
  • We recognize the trust our clients place in us during one of the most important decisions in their lives.
  • All our clients work directly with our Principals and never with “a consultant to be named later.”

Amerasia Consulting Group Provides you with:

  • A customized, one-on-one, boutique consulting experience
  • Conduct a free, one-hour consultation before signing-up
  • Work directly with our Principals and never a random consultant
  • Round 3 Guarantee

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Unparalleled School Focus
  • Deep focus on the audience, which means understanding the DNA of each and every school, so that you can write directly to the person reading your file
  • No cookie-cutter candidate plans or copying and pasting; each and every school is its own undertaking, which is reflected in our process
  • School-specific strategy memos that address what works (and what does not) with this audience; we define the parameters so that you then have freedom to find your voice
We Believe in Talent
  • We always, 100% of the time, bank on talent over pedigree - that goes for the clients we take on (we don't care where you went to school or where you work) and for the people we hire
  • We have found the handful of people in this industry who we think can match the standard the owners of the company have set
  • These are people we trust and who trust us in return; we compensate our consultants well and, as a result, we now have a small dream team that has grown the firm larger than we could ever have imagined
  • At the end of the day, we believe it comes down to three things: talent, experience, and work ethic - if you can find all three in one person, you lock them up
Boutique Approach
  • No gimmicks, weird add-ons, or made-up services; just pure admissions consulting with a true star that drills down on what you need to get the best results
  • Unparalleled team that can be accessed when necessary; resources are tailored, not one-size-fits-all
  • No assembly lines, no offices that close on the weekends, no bureaucracy; nothing stands between you and your consultant and the task at hand

Amerasia Consulting Group
success stories from GMATClubbers

Success is its own sweet reward. We cherish and celebrate our customer’s successes and we have had a lot to celebrate in the past few months
(25+ “700+” scores since July 1st). Below are few of our GMAT Club successes. You can also access other success stories on our testimonial page.
Amerasia Consulting -
Drew Hoff

I’m happy to report that with Drew’s help, I got acceptances into two M7 schools as well as another Top 20 school.
For anyone considering an admissions consultant, I would strongly recommend his services.

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Great experience orangemba

I am so grateful to Adam, not only for his help in essay-writing and interview prep, but also for being a cheerleader, a great motivator, and for keeping me focused when I was being pulled in so many different directions.

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Awesome Possum hello1234

Hire a consultant, makes process efficient. Amerasia/Adam = a fantastic person to work with

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