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SBC Named 2022’s Best Admissions Consultant by MBA Insight

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MBA Insight

For the second year in a row, Stacy Blackman Consulting is honored to receive the top ranking in list. To compile its comprehensive assessment, MBA Insight reviews extensive student testimonials. They take into account each student review and how they rated their MBA admissions consultant using a 1-to-5 star rating system.

MBA Insight’s 2022 Consultant Ranking

Here are just a few highlights and notable characteristics of MBA Insight’s admissions consultant rankings:

  • SBC is the only 5.0 rated firm in the 2022 ranking.
  • SBC takes first place out of 10 firms, now for the second year in a row.
  • SBC is the only firm with well over 100 reviews—dozens more than other firms on the ranking report.
  • MBA Insight is the only site whose rankings are review-based and reflect an actual range of client experiences, ranging from 1.6 to 5.0.
  • MBA Insight’s reviews are collected mainly from current MBA students, ensuring honest evaluations because the testimonials are collected after the relationship with the MBA admissions firm is over. This offers more credibility compared to other ranking sources, which are sometimes influenced by paid advertisers.

As readers well know, competition is fierce at the top-tier business schools worldwide. Every year, qualified candidates don’t make it to the interview stage simply because they haven’t maximized every facet of their MBA application. The best way to avoid that fate is engaging with the admissions consulting services offered by SBC.

This can help you assess the value of an MBA admissions partner for your journey. Here are our most , ranging from “can you get me into HBS” to “why should I hire SBC?”

Testimonial from an MBA Class of 2023 admit:

 “Before deciding to go forward with SBC, I had initial talks with numerous other consulting firms. SBC stood out because of the matchmaking process, the entire team’s efforts toward your final application (through their helpful flight test), and their resources. I received interviews at 5 of the 6 schools I had applied for, and the SBC interview resources helped tremendously with my interview preparation.

In addition, I’d like to add that the team at SBC was genuinely so kind and it really felt like they were on my side in this process. I had lots of ups and downs while applying (personally and professionally!) and the team continued to be there to cheer me on and push me forward. I ultimately got accepted to my dream school and cannot recommend  SBC enough!

While scholarships for MBA programs are notoriously slim compared to other graduate programs, we continue to see an annual increase of about 10% in scholarship awards for our clients. Our client pool received last season. In fact, about 20-25% of SBC clients receive scholarship packages ranging between $10,000 to full-ride offers valued at $200,000.

We’re on a mission to help you reach your most ambitious dreams and get into business school. Let us help you develop your game plan! today to request a complimentary 15-minute evaluation of your MBA candidacy.

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